What People ARE saying

Very Professional!


Bayside Sleep Solutions has a beautiful and welcoming office in a great location.  The staff are very professional and know their stuff!  They carry everything in stock and I never have to wait for supplies to arrive.  I am always greeted with a smile.


Highly Recommended!

 After moving to Delta, I needed to find a new sleep clinic to keep in check my sleep apnea, a notice in the local paper mentioned Bayside Sleep Solutions, a new sleep clinic opening up in Tsawwassen, I decided to give it a try.

Having had sleep apnea for over 20 years I have been with numerous sleep clinics and none even came close to the attention and professionalism I received from Bayside Sleep Solutions.  My CPap machine stopped working and although I had purchased it back east, they managed to get it replaced under warranty and even lent me one to use in the meantime. Subsequently I had problems setting up the App for my iPhone, again they came to the rescue and after a marathon session on the phone with the manufacturer, they got it working.  I highly recommend them. 


No Comparison!

There is no comparison between Bayside Sleep and other companies.  I felt like other companies just wanted to make money off of me and didn't really care about my health.  The staff at Bayside Sleep made sure the therapy was working for me and worked with my physician to ensure my OSA was being treated effectively.